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Missing the Surge

Bill Wirth

Well-Known Member
Time after time I will get a regular fare ride to somewhere that will pull me away from surge pricing. I'm not talking about near 2am when I know the surge will hit. I'm talking about near 7pm and near 10 or 11pm when I'm not always sure but I consistently see this happen to me! It's like I have trouble being patient and take the fate instead of waiting. Problem is that I see how many other drivers are around and think that it will not happen? Any thoughts?


New Member
Happens to me too. I've been in the surge price area more times than I can count and don't receive a request until the surge price disappears or someone from outside the area requests. I stopped wasting gas chasing colors the other week.


New Member
The only surge plan that ever really paid off for me was a 3.1-3.5 surge that was going on in Chapel Hill 2 weeks ago. Surged for HOURS, not seconds! The rest of them disappear like a phantom in the night LOL BUT I've learned how to disappear too :-) sometime I play the surge at its own game!
I did manage to get 3 surge fares in a row in Raleigh last night from 2-3a. 1 downtown and the other 2 in Glenwood South.

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