Minor rider claim followed up by Uber...

Sactown Dan

I had a ride request outside of Roseville High yesterday afternoon. It was clearly a group of boys. He walked up, I rolled down the window and said, I can’t take a minor. He walked away, no fighting or questions. Shuffled and he finally cancelled and got my $3.75. I reported it and not only did they say he was being deactivated but I was copied on what they sent him:

A message from Uber
Hi ,

We've received information indicating that you may be a minor. As a result, your account has been placed on hold.

As explained in our Terms of Use, riders must be at least 18 to have an Uber account. Accounts found to belong to minors will be deactivated until and unless we can confirm the account holder is 18.

As a reminder, our Terms of Use also prohibit minors from traveling without an adult. Account holders who repeatedly allow unaccompanied minors to use their account to ride may also lose access to their account.

If you believe you were mistakenly identified as a minor, kindly respond to this message with the following items:
- A close up photo of your ID including your birth date
- A photo of you holding your ID next to your face

Once we can confirm you’re of age, we will revisit your access to Uber. We appreciate your understanding.