Minor annoyances

That's just a really bad idea. For 35 cents per trip??

You wouldn't do that if you lived here in Houston. After a very short time, you'd have water dripping from every air register in the house.

Plus it adds a lot to your operating costs.

Why is that a bad idea? It takes an hour of work off of my day, everyday. Seems like a worse idea to not respect your time, don't fret over this shitty job, it's not special. Never had a pax say a word.

El Janitor

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Taking two runs, and waiting 30 minutes to an hour plus for another run. Repeat again and again watching me waste gas chasing calls.


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Why is that a bad idea?
I've hung out on this forum long enough to read plenty of horror stories from other drivers. Many of which end with, "Do NOT start the trip until all of the pax are in the car."

How many ways could this go wrong?

Once the trip is officially started, you're open to bad ratings, customer complaints (including discrimination, and driving impared), and even the plain old getting kicked off the platform by Uber for violating the Terms of Service.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some.

Oh, and then there's the minor issue of it being dishonest.



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I could go on and on, but just to name my tops.

-eating without asking
-tapping my windows when pointing something out to a friend of theirs who’s riding along (every soul does this and it instantly pi$$es me the fak off)
-door slamming
-feet on seats (instant 1)
-sneezing (I can stop mine, why can’t you)
-arrives at ping and pax isn’t there
-no tips after I lug your shit in my trunk and take you to work (not airport; work!) a mile down the road
-personal questions that are so out of the blue (are you married? What does your wife do? What... the....faaaak?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!! ?)

That’s a good start. As I drive I start thinking of more