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So is the general consensus in San Antonio Uber drivers make less than minimum wage? I usually make $50 in a couple hours!?


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Not enough drivers from the SAT on here to get good input on your question.

Most that I know IRL don’t complain about making less than minimum wage.

When I drive I do well enough. Not life changing money but content for the most part. I’m choosy about when I drive, I don’t like being idle.


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Its rare that you can make $25 hr for more than 2 hours. Airport rides to downtown are $8, lots of minimum fare rides at $2.62. Lots rides where you drive 5 miles to take someone on a 2 mile ride. Never get tips from the rides to/from army bases. Ive probably done about 500 SA rides. But nothing since they killed the surge last year.

My biggest complaint is that even though i can still go online with my old and paid for car, the new requirement for lyft is a 2010 or newer. THATS INSANE. yes, on some friday and saturday nights you can get 25 an hour, and from 4am to 8am you can get almost 25 an hour. But there is no money at convenient times or it is inconsistent and involves sitting in the ATT center parking lot. Also, anytime there is something going on downtown it always ends up with driving down commerce or market or houston street, and it is pathetic bumper to bumper traffic with 15 minute pickups. If you have some secret formula then that is AWESOME! But in the long run you will find that san antonio is a worthless crapshoot. By all means tho, go make that money!


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No, you nailed it, 4am wake ups on the weekends is about all I do, my Wife does evenings and does fair, but she is easy on the eyes ?


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Considering minimum wage is $7.25. I hope people are averaging better than that. My usual average is about 18$ an hour. I don’t track it hour by hour... end of night I take what I made by how long I was out.
Total transparency I’ve been driving full time almost a year. (2,000 rides 4.95 rating) I do afternoon and evenings. About 9 hrs 5 or 6 days a week. I don’t do bars and I don’t do pick ups over 5 mins to get to.
I think as with anything you have to experiment a bit and find your niche.
There are a lot of drivers in SA so I have noticed that you see slower rotations near the end of the month. I’m guessing people are out trying to make bill money.