Minimum engine size gold coast?


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Quick Question.

I cannot see any limits on the uber car specs for UberX, but is there a minimum engine size limit for cars on the gold coast?

I.e a 1.3 honda Jazz?


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To my knowledge as long as it's under 10yr old, 4 door, roadworthy etc.
I don't recall seeing any restrictions to engine size. Remember though you may have to get 4 large adults and luggage up a hill.
I can't use my i20 coz it's a 2 door, which is a bugger coz it runs at 5.6L/km
Note, my knowledge is not that vast so i stand (or sit, sitting's more comfortable) to be corrected.

Hugh G

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Just beware that in the likely event you get some large/tall/overweight passengers then they will give you a hard time for the length of the ride, then more than likely slam the doors on exit AND possible rate you 1 STAR.

Dont forget they sometimes carry luggage and/or shopping.....

No Airport for you !

You will also be spending copious hours cramped in a small, unhealthy vehicle just trying to earn enough to pay for it .


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Get the smallest cheapest pice of crap that the Uber platform will allow! Anything other than that is a bad business sense


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See a few Mirages out there at 1193 cc (1.2L)- with only 2 pax and driver on board there would be quite a few GC areas such as Tallai and West Street Burleigh that would just plain scare me... (insert suitable phraseology here!)