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MINI Countryman

GM Rod

New Member

I've noticed, in the list of cars that you can use for UBER, there are no minis.

Since the requirements are 4-door car and newer than 5 years, is it safe to assume a MINI Countryman would work?

Thanks in advance!


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Would advise you to get a normal job. Uber in Manchester, like elsewhere, just isn't worth the bother.

GM Rod

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I have been trying that since September. Being a 37 year old immigrant with a CV that only has music in it, it hasn’t been great. Uber is a better idea for me.


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So you've been the country 6 months and think your capable of driving members of the public, familys, young people on a night out, safely on Unfamiliar Roads and lay outs,in the dark and rain on an international drivers licence following a sat nav, Only hope is you kill a lamp post and not people!!