Milwaukee Uber earnings


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Hello everyone. I worked for Uber since the beginning of this year. 5-12 hours per week during the winter/spring time and 30-60 hours during the summer period. I tried to figure out what is my hourly and per trip compensation. I collected all data from emails and my partner account web page and got this information:

Totally I worked 507 hours, I have done 1225 trips during this period. Uber paid me $7158.35 – this is amount that I collected on my bank account, so uber fee already subtracted. After simple calculation I answered on my initial question: per trip compensation is around $5.84 and hourly compensation is around $14.1.

What also need to be considered, $7158 is not a cash that I simply “put in my pocket”. I also payed for gas, car washes, oil changes, air fresheners, cleaning supplies (napkins, glass cleaners etc), customer treats. If the rest of this spendings up to driver, average car owner can not get rid of fuel, washes and oil change payments. Also do not forget about long-term maintenance: liquids replacement, tires, brakes. But I don’t count these things because I worked for a short period of time.

Fuel consumption is a tricky part that seriously affected my earnings. I have regular mid-size sedan, with 2.4 ICE, non-hybrid. Average fuel consumption for city should be around 20 mpg. But I mostly worked around downtown, Shorewood, Riverwest and Bay View areas. In view of all traffic jams, downtime, one-way streets (when you can not simply make U-turn and need to go around block), constructions, festivals and public events (when street block is closed), runs without passenger back to Milwaukee, average MPG for my case was way below claimed 20. This is obviously reduced previously mentioned $14 p/h or $5.8 p/trip for, lets say, 10-20%.

I worked only during the evening and night hours, because daytime is worse – can make $5 in 4 hours in slowest days. Friday and Saturday bar time is best, but there is exceptions.

I tried to make this post as neutral as possible. Just shared my observations and numbers. If you considering to drive for uber this information might be somehow helpful for you. If you are experienced driver already – just compare with your earnings.


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I notice a lot of people complain about how much of their earnings are eaten up by gas/maintenance. I just started driving for Lyft a few weeks ago, and Uber last week. I definitely feel short changed more often with Uber, but I do get more ride requests.

I've been driving a Nissan Leaf for 2 years, and it's (almost) the perfect car for me. I definitely have to be more strategic with my driving though, more than I ever did before. I've now scoped out the whole city for as many free charging spots as I can find (about 10 so far). Without charging readily available, or the flexibility of this being part-time, I don't know if this would be as much fun. The sign up incentives have also helped a lot. So far I've had zero maintenance costs other than tire rotations. I know the battery will degrade over time, but the replacement cost will only get cheaper (assuming I have voided the 100k mile/8-year warranty).

I should mention, that I do also charge at home. I am on a time of use plan, and pay $0.09/Kwh... so about $2.25 for 100 miles of driving (about 108mpg @$2.50/gallon of gas). I do about 50% of my charging for free, so I get about 220 miles of driving for $2.50. My car payment and insurance have never been more than $300/month, and I bought my lease out back in June for $13k+taxes/fees.


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Good post. After expenses, the only way you can make above min wage at this job is with a shitty 10 year old Prius, which you see a lot of on Milwaukee streets these days. It's bad for the customer to have to drive in those, but they get what they pay for.