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Military Status

Discussion in 'Stories' started by UberNLV, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. DC3CB53F-922F-4765-A57B-CF66243AF97F.png from Uber website it says you can indicate your veteran status, or military affiliation but from the directions on how to do it I can’t find the option to do it. Has anyone done this recently? Has anyone done it at all?
    In app I go to account then there’s only app settings and no Affiliation option.
  2. Seems like whoever wrote that was drunk or on drugs. There's no way to do that from the app, nor the driver dashboard.
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  3. I sent Uber a message about it still waiting on a response.
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  4. SuzeCB


    You would probably have to bring your proof into a GLH.
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  5. daave1


    I remember seeing that option in the old app. Sounds like uber didn't carry that over to the new app and hasn't updated the instructions. Not surprised. Hopefully you get it worked out...
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  6. I figured it was something like that. Thanks.

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