Middle 2.8X of Surge for 30 mins.. No pings.. Surges are rubbish


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See below.. I was there for 30 mins driving around in middle. AT one point it was 3X..
Still no pings...

The surge algorithm is rubbish. Normally I always avoid it. If there is a surge I go in opposite direction. However, As you can see from screenshot, no option here.

Has someone had discussions with UBER about this rubbish?


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Yeah, but you could go over to Bronte Beach,
meditate, do some yoga, enjoy the view.
Pray for a ping! At least you're in a hot zone.

What the hell do I know, I'm a Victorian!
Actually I have a soft spot for Coogee...
Does Selenas still operate?

Yep, I agree, surges have caused me grief as well.
The further sub-division of Melbourne didn't improve it either.
I won't bore people with why, but it didn't...


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It's really hard to get any ping when its above 2X. It's usually cheaper in a uberBLACK. I have got some nice long trips on 2.7X


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If I needed a lift and saw 2.8x surge, I'd get a taxi straight away because it'll be far cheaper.

If it surges more than say 1.3 - 1.4x, you're better off getting a taxi. (assuming you pay cash and you hail one down from the street)
if it surges past 1.7x, you're better off in a taxi even after paying a booking and credit card surcharge AND the nighttime surcharge.
I've only made $22 in extra surge fares in my short Uber X career. My opinion on surges, not worth it. I rarely ever get surge fares even when I'm right in the middle of them, or when I do, it's not worth the mental aggravation for the PAX vs the gain I might get (wow an extra $2....). It almost feels like the PAX gets a lot more sensitive about the ride if on a surge fare.
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Which is logically right.. But a surge never starts straight at 3X.. It always goes from 1.2X to 1.5X to 3X... which to a normal person would mean that people are still requesting cars at that surge

If they werent, then the surge should quickly disappear.. In this case for 30 mins in 2.8X to 3.0X surge... No pings.. which means the algorithm has some quirks

Whats worse is that if it wasnt surging I would have got at least 2 fares in that time horizon.. and made around 25-30$


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Remember - Surging is actually a trick point.. Once at 2.4x on X it's cheaper then fora uber rider to go to black, or a cab..
Also Surging is designed to ATTRACT drivers to that area specifically for the HOPE someone will want a higher fare to get home for what ever reason..

The " Ok, Notify me" button is much more regarded in surges. Hence why many drivers complain that as soon as the surge ends they get a job. that's not uber's fault, that's the rider being smart (not drunk :smiles: )


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There's a learning curve. When people were new to Uber, they didn't really know how surge works or that it will dissipate soon, so they ordered it. Nowadays people have more experience and just wait another 5 minutes till it dies down..or go for cabs.


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Thanks PZuber - just found this thread, and everything everyone says makes sense to me .
Just shows that the no.1 priority for rider is PRICE ... It doesn't matter how many mints they get, how cold the water, how snivelling nice the driver is or what kind of low km, German branded car with sumptuous knee deep carpets smelling like late picked Venetian roses they get with Uber - it still comes Down to PRICE ... That is it .. That is all - they had always had the option of high quality personalised transport (ie limos) but what had held them back ?? ......yes that's right - PRICE ...

So to summarise what we know :

Riders like Uber because it is cheap- ie limo experience for bus price

Drivers like uber because it is flexible and has a cheap entry point

Uber likes uber because it is uber and they get 20% of everything

Taxis don't like uber because every ride is $ from their pockets

Taxis also love uber because most of the self important entitled pax with attitude have followed the Hipsters and now use Uber to look cool - hence the number of threads dedicated to @@@@@@@@ passengers!!!

Insurance companies love uber as it is another reason to decline ..

Govt doesn't like uber because uber is a pain in thee arse and no matter what they do they will piss off someone who votes !!!!

Some people would call this a win/win situation !!!! Lol


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5x on xl for 30 mins easily in Seattle 0 pings.
I jumped over to x for 2x + worked plus better comissio rate.


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I quized a PAX as 1 minute before the area was surging and then it wasn't. She was definitely waiting for the surge to end before making a request.


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You have to think about this from a rider perspective.. If I'm coherent and not in a rush, can I wait 10 mins or so for surge to vanish? Probably..
If I'm drunk or desperate to go somewhere, I 'might take the hit.. It makes sense and I accept how it works.. Just the other night i was in a very large 2.9x area thinking "no way will anyone bother, so I'll go get dinner" barely moved 50ft and got a job in the 2.9 area.. Sometimes you just get lucky.