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MIA que system and cancellation

Discussion in 'Miami' started by Bentley S., Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Bentley S.

    Bentley S.

    After 40 minutes of waiting at MIA, I got a request and immediately got cancelled by a rider:( I believe my place in a que was reset. After 30 minutes, same thing happened. Are taxi drivers playing with us at MIA????
  2. Kaptain


    West Palm Beach, Florida
    Rider cancel normally should not make you lose your place in line. If you cancel then you are out. I don't work MIA though as I don't want to deal with the tickets even if Uber is paying.
  3. Nissan13


    Hello guy's, I am new to uber with only 15 rides. I read we are not allowed at MIA. But how about in miami-Dade county in general?. Is uber legal? Will I get in trouble at all driving for Uber in Dade county? I droped off a rider yesterday at Ft. Lauderdale Airport from Miami but I was scared big time on getting cough. It paid me 30 for the trip as a uberx, but I guess I prefer to stay away from airports. So how about Dade county in general?
  4. hangarcat


    Miami, FL
    Uber is illegal in Miami-Dade County. Enforcement is tepid but there are complaints by drivers of slow compensation for citations. Others have no problems with legal representation.

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