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MIA que system and cancellation

Bentley S.

After 40 minutes of waiting at MIA, I got a request and immediately got cancelled by a rider:frown: I believe my place in a que was reset. After 30 minutes, same thing happened. Are taxi drivers playing with us at MIA????


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Rider cancel normally should not make you lose your place in line. If you cancel then you are out. I don't work MIA though as I don't want to deal with the tickets even if Uber is paying.


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Hello guy's, I am new to uber with only 15 rides. I read we are not allowed at MIA. But how about in miami-Dade county in general?. Is uber legal? Will I get in trouble at all driving for Uber in Dade county? I droped off a rider yesterday at Ft. Lauderdale Airport from Miami but I was scared big time on getting cough. It paid me 30 for the trip as a uberx, but I guess I prefer to stay away from airports. So how about Dade county in general?


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Uber is illegal in Miami-Dade County. Enforcement is tepid but there are complaints by drivers of slow compensation for citations. Others have no problems with legal representation.