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Mercedes E class Upgrade HELP! PLS

Discussion in 'UK' started by thai-chi-master, Nov 12, 2018.

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  1. thai-chi-master



    Hello all 1st of all,

    I am planning of buying Mercedes Benz E class (2018 plate from official car dealer)...

    - Shall I buy brand new 2018 plate or second hand?so I don't have to pay 10k to own the car. Car would cost 41-47K
    -Shall I get petrol or hybrid engine?
    -Shall I get borrow max loan from my bank for car( I banks does allow that) so I pay less for %

    ......I know I sound mad but I cant be renting £235 a week for Prius 16 plate and not enjoying it

    I am also planning on signing with other company's since Uber don't invite drivers to "EXEC" in London any more...

    THANK YOU!!!

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