Meeting for Maryland Lyft Drivers


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There will be a meeting for Maryland Lyft drivers on Wed, June 22 at 6pm at Dave & Busters in Hanover. Please join to share ideas and concerns. A member of the newly created advisory council will be in attendance, as well. This is our chance to let our voices be heard to improve Lyft.

If you know other active drivers who aren’t on this forum, please invite them.

If you are on Facebook, join the Lyft community for drivers at

Who: Lyft drivers
What: Meeting of the minds; you pay for own food/drinks.
Where: Dave & Busters at Arundel Mills Mall, Hanover
When: Wed, June 22 @ 6pm

Karl Marx

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If we all concentrated on creating an anti owner driver app we could do rotating work outages not just by city, town, state, province and nationally. Rotating strikes would be activated by our own algorithms to maximize our grievances. The first order of business in our own app would be to eliminate Pool requests. The power of drivers could be brought to bear not just on Uber but all transportation services that unfairly exploit drivers. If a driver is unfairly deactivated we could withhold our services until the company reinstated the driver. We would need some structures and a constitution and a driver bill of rights and someone to do the API.