Media coverage? Make it smart not sexy.


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I do not equate media attention with success. It's important, but the media is invested in conflict, not accuracy. I haven't seen a lot, but I doubt the strongest issue @Pusher rightly emphasizes--SAFETY--has been front and center. Imagine if we got non rideshare using public, and riders, and a few advocacy groups, on our side. Truth is, Lyft and Uber do not enforce their own policies. Wellll I bet they enforce the service animal policy but they fail to 'police' their own drivers, who transport infants without safety seats, or give rides to unaccompanied minors." If we want the public behind us, we need to have their back.

It would not be impossible for OUR OWN people to get sound bytes from gather the chief of police, the head of DCFS, or families/clergy of rideshare tragedies (after time has elapsed) to express their various angles on public safety.