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Mechanic or Garage

Discussion in 'London' started by ubering_it, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. Hey partners/friends,
    Does anyone know a good mechanic or a good garage who can sort my engine management sign on me car,im from eastlondon...please your help will be appriciated as my car inspection is soon ;(
    Thank you so much
  2. where in east London? I know two that very good and very honest!
  3. Im from upton park..please could you u give me details...tnx
  4. ChampionADI


  5. Tnx mate..i have a obd reader but it clears the light but soon as i switch engine on again it comes back on..any idea?...tnx
  6. Going out on a limb here, The fault hasn't been fixed?

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  7. UberLuxbod

    UberLuxbod Moderator

    You can't reset the light without fixing the fault usually.

    It depends what the fault is.

    As an example if you had a petrol Astra (Mk4 or mk5 usually) and nearly stalled it a couple of times it would sometimes put the engine management light on.

    You could usually reset that.

    Another example would be if you had light on due to emissions but the fault was a dirty lambda sensor or clogged up Cat.

    You could reset it but as soon as you drive the car the ECU would see things were operating outside of the proper parameters and the light will come on again.

    If you added some additives that cleaned off the deposits from the sensor and cleaned out the Cat (CatacClean) gave the car a good run and reset the light of the Cataclean has done the job the light will stay off.

    You need to change the fuel temp sensor. Have a read of the links in your previous thread that I posted up as you will get the info you need in there, I think there was even a description of how to change the sensor.

    Some cars also require specific diagnostics such as Renault with CanClip to reset many fault codes, but I think in your case if you will be fine if you change the faulty part.

    The only caveat is that the problem could be the wiring rather than the sensor itself.
  8. http://pamarsmotorltd.co.uk/ Also I have a very good friend around the corner from there, who is the most honest mechanic there is! his number is 07703633833 or 07706677691 his names Carl. Tell him Steve sent you with the Honda Accord.
  9. H
    I Matey, I've used cataclean in the passed for a short while before in my car, but didn't have it long enough to see if made a difference!
    What is your experience with it?
  10. UberLuxbod

    UberLuxbod Moderator

    Cataclean is good stuff and will clean deposits off sensors and reduce emissions caused by clogged up Cats.

    There was a version marketed for diesels , CataClean Soot or something like that.

    There have been many articles on it with vehicles with high emissions that would fail an MOT that have had much reduced emissions afterwards.

    I think CarMechanicsMag did an article on it a few years ago.

    Redex, Cataclean and JLM DPF Cleaner all have good reputations, Forte products (usually Trade only) also have a good reputation.

    I know people that have used it to improve emissions and I have used it many times as a preventative measure. In both petrol (Cat equipped) and Diesel engines (DPF and non DPF).
  11. Cheers for that!
  12. Durranee


    Check redstartyreandexhaust.co.uk they're at the end of Katherine Road by Barking Road. They're good and honest.
  13. Thank u guys..so helpfull..
    I have not had any bad experience as the car drives good as gold.no lack of performance or anuything..but thy only thing is the start stop dont work which doesnt bother me..what bothers me is the engine management sign which will fail me on the test.
  14. Baza


    Steve do you rent your honda accord mate? If so can you possibly provide a link? Many thanks
  15. Put some black tape over the light!
  16. No mate, its mine!
  17. Lol..sure if i put black tape theywill clock on?
  18. UberLuxbod

    UberLuxbod Moderator

    I thought that with current rules a vehicle will fail its MOT if the engine management has been disabled or is illuminated.

    The sensor that is knackered is £20 odd going by my research online and takes a few minutes to fix.

    It is pointless trying to think of ways to get round it or trying to reset the light to just pass the MOT and vehicle inspection.

    Just get it fixed as from what Inhave read the light will reset itself after you sort the sensor issue.
  19. I o
    I only said that because you don't seem to be taking anyone's advice so it was the last resort!
  20. Will sort something out next week. Please dnt think im not taking ur advise.
    Thanks again guys. A great place for help ;)

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