Mazda 6?



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I'm a new driver just finishing up the application process at the TLC. I was wondering if any drivers here drive a Mazda 6 (or any Mazda, really) around NYC for rideshare and what their experiences with it are. I've been looking at a Mazda for a personal car for a while and figured I may as well get it for rideshare driving too. I've searched through the forums here and it doesn't look like there's much info. Thanks!


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The car is more of a driver type I guess than livery and the vents for spider phone mount suck, very low and hard to mount a phone on its dash, great highway car maybe not the most efficient.


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Mazda is not as popular as Toyota, Honda and Nissan. You don't see a lot of mazdas on the road. It is a very nice car. Last time I checked it was more expensive than the others, hence fewer on the road.


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Have a 15' mazda 6 stick shift as my personal car. The car did uber in nj for 6 months. Its a very good car. It drives like a german car, Its roomy, nice leatherette seats and gets good gas mileage. Reason i retired it from uber is because its a lease and i plan on returning it next year.
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