Matched with a closer rider, lower surge


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No kidding. I was sitting in a 3.5x getting 1.5x and 2.0x pool requests 10 minutes away.
Well it is simple, the people that is within that area with lets say 3.5x is not requesting a ride and they are just waiting for the surge to go away, instead the ones that are by the edge where the surge is lower,they reach an amount that they are willing to pay and order the ride, so you have to move away from that beautiful red in your map and go to the one that actually will pay you. In other words, a high surge not necessary means that you are going to get a nice ride, and in my experience if someone within the heart of the surge will go ahead and order instead of wait it is a really short ride so it makes no sense for them to wait. Of course that this is not always the case, we do get some got rides during surge, I am just explaining why does that happen to all of ass sometimes of being sitting in the middle of a nice surge and get a much lower pin a few miles away.


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Can you bug support for a fair adjustment on these? Try it, can't hurt, and they can see that your other rider was a higher surge, so there's record of it


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On my way to pick up 2.3x when I was matched with a closer rider on a 1.7x surge. Thought they couldn't do that.
This matching closer is pure crap ! On Sunday I had a request that I called and confirmed was going to be a $35 trip .. was traded out for a $6 trip ! And the distance to the pax was only 2 minutes closer


Got matched with a closer ride. Higher surge from 2.9 to 3.9 but went 5 miles. Now I'm just wondering where the first pax was headed.
Happened to me today. Pinged for a 2.3x surge 4 minutes away for a rider with a 4.66 rating. Accepted. The rider was still 4 minutes away and didn't notice anything else different from the request ping. When I was waiting for the rider, I looked at the rider profile and it said 1.7x surge and the rider had a 4.8 rating. Uber changed the matched rider on me. Total bait and switch.

I should've cancelled the ride.