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Man robs ride-share driver on Vandergrift street

A Reserve Township man once known as New Kensington's “sob story robber” is accused of stealing $80 from a ride sharing service driver in Vandergrift.

According to court papers, Jacki Lee Williams, 44, of Highland Avenue, allegedly got a ride from Vandergrift to New Kensington and then back to Vandergrift about 3 a.m. Saturday.

After Williams spent a few minutes in a house along the 100 block of Seventh Street in New Kensington, the driver returned him to Vandergrift. It was then that Williams allegedly asked the driver whether she had change for a $100 bill.

In response, the driver took $80 from her purse and held it in her hand. According to court papers, Williams grabbed the money from the driver and got out of the car.

The driver saw Williams walk into a Franklin Avenue address and waited one hour for him to come out with change.

When he didn't return, court papers state, she called police.

Police found Williams, who police say has used eight aliases, including Mussa Williams, Jackie Williams and Jack Williams, in front of a store along Farragut Avenue in Vandergrift on Wednesday.

He was taken to the Allegheny Township office of District Judge Cheryl Peck-Yakopec, where he was arraigned on charges including robbery, theft and receiving stolen property.

Peck ordered Williams to be taken to the Westmoreland County Prison in lieu of $75,000 cash bail pending a preliminary hearing scheduled for Tuesday.

Williams was wanted on a warrant for a parole violation involving a robbery from last year.

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waited one hour for him to come out with change.

When he didn't return, court papers state, she called police.
I wouldn't have even waited that long lol maybe 20 minutes max and I'm calling the cops.

parole violation involving a robbery from last year.
Pathetic, has a pattern of taking things that aren't his. Meanwhile we're here busting our butt to earn some money. Throw him back in jail.


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I wonder if this would have gone down if the driver was male?

Again I also wonder what would I have done in this situation? If just one dude grabs something out of my hand and gets out of the car, my initial reaction is he's gonna catch a beating. But this dude is facing a robbery charge, which is taking property from your possession by physical force (no matter how slight), a third degree felony, which carries up to 7 years. That's $11.43 per year for the $80 he took. So the driver did the right thing. Just call the police.


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Easily avoidable situation from the description above.

Crook "Do you have change for $100?"
Me "Nope"

I've only been asked for change a few times, and the answer is always no. Some round up and tip me the $10. Others stiff me with no tip. Since no tips is the "norm" its really no big deal.


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Another easy avoid:

Carry like $10-20 max when you're out driving. If it's good enough for dominos, it's good enough for you