Man are my pax hurting this morning !!!!


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Did 15 trips in 5 hours and went home. Had fun because 8 of the pax before 11 AM where all trying to find their cars and just hang on from last night. Awesome cash tips too. Could have worked another 6-7 hours if I didn't have commitments later.

Our NHL team is in the playoffs and it was a game night yesterday.

2 pax had their cars towed, so, they learned how to change the destination in the app to the impound lot. ROFL.......that's a $300 pill if you get it back the next day in my city !!
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I too drive the Dude Where’s My Car shift. I also get a lot of walk of shames very early morning during Summer season. I consider myself a cleanup driver. I get them back to where they belong after others take them at night.

It’s especially fun when they’ve no idea where they left their cars and start trying to describe where they were.

I tend to get my best tips from these rides as well. Dunno why but I do thank them for not driving drunk in my fair town and then laughingly remind them an Uber ride is a Hell of a lot cheaper than a DWI and the local jail hasn’t been renovated since the ‘70’s.

My only problem is the smell of alcohol seeping from their pores. :thumbdown:


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You have to pay more to retrieve a towed vehicle than if you spew vomit all over in an Uber. Craziness.