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Making sense of rating system

Discussion in 'Australia' started by nozm212, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. U8er


    Asking for a good rating can be a cause to deactivation if the pax reports you. Don't talk about it at all!!!

    If you get a report along with non-5*, think about the reason.

    By the way, don't get too much stress from the rating. I once got a 4.03* driver and he seems to have fared well now that he is 4.13* now. Lol
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  2. Gary Singh

    Gary Singh

    Australians are Racists. Full Stop.

    Accept it and move on.

    Drivers aren't stupid or that clueless (except maybe for new drivers or arrivals to the country). So no need to waste your time discussing "making sense of Uber's rating system". Only stupid Uber drivers would give a racist 5 stars.

    Ola and Didi never deactivate their drivers (whom by the way can't rate riders) solely based on their ratings. Why ? Because Australians are racists
  3. nozm212


    The dumbest comment i have read on this forum. I hope you are not an Uber driver.
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  4. Rushmanyyz


    Your explanation of the hook turn is terribly incorrect. You MUST wait till the oncoming light goes green. If you turn on tbe amber light on your side, you will run the light at best and crash into someone charging through on an amber light at worst.

    They have like 10 days to rate. After that time, it'd just update.

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