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Make Your Own Fast Amazon Flex Block Grabber - Step by Step

Discussion in 'Flex' started by BlockGrabber, Jul 29, 2017.

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  1. BlockGrabber


    The following steps are for you to make your own free fast flex block grabber. The scripts are provided for free in this thread and run on a vps. The only cost involved should be for the vps that you decide to get.

    Step 1 to Writing your own Server Based Flex Block Grabber:

    Signup for a linux based vps with the following specifications:

    - able to load a recent ubuntu or similar distribution - (instructions assume Ubuntu 16.04)

    - these instructions are based mainly for an iPhone running on wifi; but also work with Android. In some parts of the instructions, follow either the iPhone or Android section. Some things may look or output differently on Android but it should all work the same. Just keep going through the process.

    - no less than 1 gb ram; a little more is better to help with caching and memory to run multiple parallel instances of the grabber. You can run about 6 at the same time which can grab at about the combined rate of 10-20 attempts per second.

    - ideally the ability to share 4 cpus. This script is CPU intensive more than anything else - do not skimp on the CPU power;

    - disk space is not really that important but try to get ssd based so the access time is fast;

    - shop for a vps that has low latency (ping times) to the amazon flex server that the app communicates with:


    Try for 10 ms or less. For example a good ping response:

    icmp_seq=1 ttl=234 time=7.64 ms

    Quick Links to Other Steps:

    Skill Requirements

    Step 2 - Install the Scripts and Proxy Server

    Step 3 - Start the Proxy Server and Test It

    Step 4 - Watch and Extract the Proxy Output

    Step 5 - Select Your Warehouse

    Step 6 - Start Grabbing

    Step 7 - Notifications

    Step 8 - Time Delay Filter Update

    Step 9 - Additional Filters
    (Grab only Specific Warehouse and Block Size Examples)

    Step 10 - Modify Notifications to Show Date and Time of Block
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  2. Cefur


    Rosemead, ca
    Isn't this kind of similar to hacking? Rather than a auto accept?
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  3. BlockGrabber


    No hacking involved. It just accelerates your account responses. By now Amazon is fully aware of this activity and appears to care less. Neither the app or the server are modified or breached.
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  4. Cefur


    Rosemead, ca
    I see, what about step 2?
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  5. Basmati


    Miami, FL
    Definitely interested in hearing about the other steps. Thank you for sharing this info.
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  6. Angelo777


    Is that all the steps ?
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  7. Interesting post. But this will go beyond what most people will be able to do.
    Basmati maybe....the rest of us.....eh.....I dunno???

    Here's VPS plans from godaddy:

    Probably the cheapest you'll be able to find.

    I look forward to hearing more as I have some experience setting up hosting servers etc but this sounds a little beyond
    most capabilities.
  8. Flexist


    I do not understand the point of this.

    This is a competitive job. Whatever advantage you have will work as long as only YOU have it. Posting a method publicly helps noone.

    The exact same thing will happen as with frep. If you are indeed able to get blocks this way, your advantage will be gone tomorrow.
  9. BlockGrabber


    Basic Skill Requirements

    The skills required to install this are not overly complex. Anyone who can setup existing touch bots already has the aptitude to learn a little about Linux. If you're still tapping all day, stop. Use that tapping time to learn how to do this instead. It's also a good skill set to have for computer jobs.

    If all this is too much, find someone who knows enough about Linux and can help. You can also ask for bids on freelancing sites for help. They may even know how to do this already.

    Here are some skill areas you will need:

    1) Basic getting around the command line. Copy files. Change directories. This is not that hard. Like cp a b copies file a to file b. mv a b moves or renames. Look up YouTube and do some testing on your VPS for example:

    2) Know how to login to the vps remotely with ssh.

    You will also later use this to start, stop, and check on the status of your grabber script.

    For now use an SSH client on the desktop or the virtual console provided by your VPS host.

    At the end, my tutorial will eventually use the app called Termius on the play and Apple Store. This is only when going live. It will allow simple one button access to start, stop, and check your grabber. In the field (be very near the warehouse), you can do everything from one phone and a few clicks.

    I also use the Flex app on an iPhone. It may work on android also, but I haven't tested it yet.

    3) Learn a simple file editor in Linux. Check YouTube for some videos. You could transfer files back and forth and edit on a PC but it's better to learn a file editor.

    4) Get a brief overview of how cron works. It's just a file that starts scheduled commands.

    The better question is, if the people who also developed this on their own kept quiet and used it only for their own use, how has it become a business of selling to already struggling drivers for $100 a week? There's no reason I should even be hearing about this. And I've even seen forum posts here and elsewhere and private messages trying to sell the access to me and others as well. That's not keeping a competitive advantage quiet for one's own use by any means.

    Grabbing blocks has become a waste of time for me because of Amazon lowering the total pay via the tip allocation charade and releasing messed up block times that prevent getting many stops.

    This is a public service to help those who still may find some profit in it and are being taken advantage of. Ideally, even better, Amazon should put a stop to this. They obviously are great at logistics and there has to be a better way than this duke em out, brute force, rip em off, Wild West approach.
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  10. BlockGrabber


    No. The next step involves setting up a proxy server on the vps. This is part of the accelerator between the flex app on your phone and amazon. It's purpose will be to periodically read your temporary access key that lasts about 30 minutes at a time. This allows the scripts to then accelerate your access to Amazon.

    The software for that step, when we get to it, is called mitmproxy. We will begin that step by just starting your own proxy server that works similar to many corporations and remote vpn access providers.
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  11. Behemoth


    Chicago, IL
    Thanks for all this stuff. I only wonder why did you share it with us?
  12. BlockGrabber


    Answered two or three posts up near the end.
  13. Lui


    Your phones gonna constantly say network may be monitored by third party
  14. BlockGrabber


    Android sort of, iPhone no - it doesn't say that once you install the certificate for your proxy server. Even in android it's a just a pinned notification. I'm just providing instructions for iphone anyway.

    Screenshot of proxy related profiles installed on iphone allowing fishing on the vps proxy over both cellular and wifi:

    In any case, it's the same issue with someone else doing it. At least this way, the network doing the monitoring is the vps under your control.

    If you want a server to do it fast this is how it's done. Otherwise tap away or do screen macros. If that's working, no need for all this extra work anyway. Optionally, you can disable using the proxy setting when not fishing for blocks and/or just use a cheap dedicated phone only for that purpose.

    Older model iPhones or the SE are about $50 now refurb or $100 new. Use on a cheap carrier or use via wifi to an existing hotspot phone or network. Or adapt the instructions to work for android.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2017
  15. uberer2016


    Uber HQ
    If the drivers are stupid enough to give up $4 per block hour to buy the block, then you can't help it. If you're gonna do that, then go work at McDonald's because it pays more. I still don't believe it until I see it. If it's actually happening, I'd like to know what kind of drivers are actually paying?
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  16. I must say this stuff is pretty funny. All to gain access to work a job that pays around minimum wage and drives the value of your car down. If you're smart enough to be able to set this up correctly you should be able to get a real job that pays decently.
  17. Placebo17


    If you really have to go through all this to do manual labor, we seriously have some problems in this country... Just sayin'

    OP, with your computer skills, you could probably find something that pays at least 3 to 4x more than this gig.
  18. BlockGrabber


    And anyone who can follow this, should probably be able to find something that pays at least 2-3x more than this gig.

    I agree. I might do that again one day. For now, I'm semi retired, don't need to work for the most part, have various medical problems, and receive large amounts of incentives and government subsides (about $40k per year's worth) which disappear if I make too much.

    As it may have been said: I can't afford to work.
  19. Well that explains it.

    Maybe Amazon will pay you off to stop this. But then again, I'd bet that less than one % will actually go this far to get a block.
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  20. BlockGrabber


    Step 2 - Install the Scripts and Proxy Server on the VPS

    Now that you have the VPS, it's time to install the scripts and proxy server on it.

    The proxy server functions to receive traffic from one source, and forward it to another. Companies usually do this for security purposes and to easily allow controlled access to the Internet. In our case, we will need the proxy server for one reason: to capture the temporary access token generated by the Amazon Flex App.

    In a later step, we will have your phone point to this proxy server. Another script will then use this temporary access token to check specific web pages for what blocks are available and accept them.

    Here are the details of this step:

    a) Download the two files attached to this post: proxy.tgz.zip and scripts.tgz.zip and put them in your VPS /home directory (using sftp for example).

    They aren't actually zip files but .tar.gz/.tgz format - they have been named .zip so they can be attached to this post. So don't try to use the zip command on them.

    b) On your VPS command line, go to the /home directory where you put the two script files.
    Rename to the correct extension and extract the zip files as follows:
    /home# mv proxy.tgz.zip proxy.tgz
    /home# mv scripts.tgz.zip scripts.tgz
    /home# tar xzf proxy.tgz
    /home# tar xzf scripts.tgz
    This has now extracted all the files and directory structures needed to run the scripts.
    (Permissions assume running as root on Ubuntu. If not, change ownership of files.)

    c) On your VPS command line, install the proxy server (all instructions assume Ubuntu):
    apt install mitmproxy

    also make sure your time zone is set correctly:
    dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

    The above steps installed the scripts and created your proxy server.

    You can start it and restart it by using the command:

    The proxy is listening on the assigned IP of the VPS on port 8080.
    It will continue running even if you disconnect from the VPS.
    It will not auto restart if the VPS restarts.

    Note: You may want to change the default port from 8080 to something else to avoid people using your proxy server. If so change it by changing the -p xxxxx (whatever the new port is) to the mitm dump command in the doit.bat file. You will also need to change it elsewhere in these instructions instead of using 8080. Make sure any firewalls have this port open.

    Stop it when you are not actively using it since other people could potentially connect to it as an open proxy:

    That's it for now. Make sure the proxy server is stopped.

    The next step will be to setup your smart phone to use the proxy server. This will involve starting the proxy, setting the proxy settings for a simple wifi network, and installing the certificate.

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