Make sure you're in compliance at SFO. They're checking.


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So, a representative from Lyft, the CPUC, and police officers are at the SFO lot today making sure people are in compliance. If you're not they're handing out tickets and I don't know what the Lyft representative is doing.

Here's the fliers they're handing out.


Here's the CPUC guy and the Lyft guy. The lyft guy is the one with the laptop. Lyft guy is looking people up by license plate

SFPD just showed up, YAY!!!!!


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Anyone going to an aiport without trade dress or trying to pull private rides for cash should be busted.

No problems with this at all. I'm tired of the Dons of the world trying to screw the system then crying when they get caught and deactivated.
Lol, true. A lot of people think they're too good for the trade dress.