Make out session

Benjamin Blue

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So the pax I picked up last night asked me to turn up the music, which I was happy to do. Next thing I know they are making out like it was their last night ever together.

I didn't even have Barry White on or anything!

Has this happened to others?


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Yes, years ago on New Year's Eve in the was almost midnight, pouring rain, and they went from Portland Street up to N. Andover.

They were educated, white, in their late 20s back in the area for the holidays.
He asked if I minded if they "celebrate" the New Year's in the back seat. I approved. I blasted the pop music station, and tried to concentrate on the slick roads thru the windshield wipers on the long drive.

At the end of the ride. he thanked me, adjusted his belt and said, "Wow.. she's an animal!"


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Seen it all. You name it. I've seen it.
In reality, even driving night shifts, it's still uncommon for me to witness heavy kissing, never mind the extreme.

Maybe they don't feel comfortable in my presence, or people have watched too many movies and "Taxicab Confessions," believing many antics occur every shift or at least once per week. Not. at. all. At least in my experience.