Make $10 a person, bring people to HotBodies men's club


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Hey guys I just found out that Hot Bodies Men's BYOB club is paying $10 per customer you bring to their club after 10pm if they pay regular cover price every wednesday, friday and saturday. They will pay $5 for the other days.
This club is BYOB so 18 & up is always allowed and they stay open until 4pm on friday and saturday.
In order to get paid take customers to the club and let door person know you drove them there. Once customers pay, door person will give you a receipt to sign and pay you $10 per person.
They are located at 4134 Felter Lane, Austin, Tx 78744. It's on south side of town very close to the airport.

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Some, if not all, of the adult clubs offer a deal like that. I don't have specifics on any of them though.


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I took once customers to yellow rose but they pay only up to 4 people, at Hot Bodies they don't have a limit on how many customers they will pay you. I took 7 customers and got paid $70.