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Major Change In Surge Pricing

Discussion in 'Surge' started by RussellP, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Failed Login

    Failed Login New Member

    Live in Charlotte and just went online at 4am this morning to do my normal Monday routine of taking someone from the burbs to the airport as I head to my flight. Flight wasn't until 8 so had some extra time so drove into downtown to take another rider or two back to airport before I needed to park. Do this when I have flights later than my normal 6am flight. Dropped the first passenger off and downtown was flowing orange and red. Zoomed in to see $ amounts from $6-$12, no surge percentages. Odd... Pulled out of departures area and immediately got a ride opportunity. The screen showed the location and actually showed the surge colors on the location map during the pinging (included the different levels of shading so that I could see which color of rad she was in). I don't remember seeing that before. Drove over and picked the lady up and drove her downtown to her office. As soon as I started her trip, another opportunity pinged with all kinds of numbers in the ping box, couldn't see them all, but was 10 minutes away, and she was going 8, so I knew it was close and accepted it. Bear in mind, I haven't seen the map for 6-8 minutes since pulling out from airport. Drop lady off, pick up new rider and delivered to airport. Looked at map after ending trip and downtown still surging. Cut off my app so I could park and head in the airport. Got in and reviewed my history for the 3 rides and noticed the second 2 (that both were accepted with surge amounts) had no surge earnings listed and my portions were exactly what the normal amount I would normally receive were. One was minimum $3 and the last was $6.90. Very normal cost for non-surge. I opened the "Fare Details" for each and noticed the customers paid $19 and $29, respectively. No mention of surge anywhere. Uber collected large surge amounts and total fees of $49 while I received <$10. I've emailed Uber about this, but no response yet. Those 2 rides usually cost the rider $5 and $11-$12, respectively. Odd thing is, there is not mention of surge anywhere in the Fare Details, none. Barring some glitch, this new surge method is going to rape us, plain and simple. They can't argue I didn't pick up another rider after the surge in order to make the money, because I did pick one up after the first surge passenger. Even if that is a requirement to receive a surge, what sense does that make? I only do this here and there when I'm heading in a direction and there's few/no drivers out but fleecing the rider and not sharing the rewards is flat out wrong. This will greatly harm folks that do this full time and depend on it. Why accept a rider that XX minutes or XX miles away due to a posted $2 increase on the ride, when an area is surging and you know there will be higher priced rides closer to you?

    Another odd item worth noting... I went online and drove Sat night from 10:30pm until 2:20am downtown Charlotte most of the night and received not one surge fare/opportunity. That was the first time that's ever happened. Coincidence?
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  2. DocT

    DocT Moderator Moderator

    Los Angeles (South Bay)
    Failed LoginFailed Login do you have any screenshots of the incoming ping request with the surge price addition? If you do, you can submit that to Uber to request the fair adjustment in your favor.
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  3. Failed Login

    Failed Login New Member

    My phone is restricted from capturing screenshots as it's company issued, unfortunately. But I did send all the trip info to Uber in the message I submitted within the Help function this morning. I will update post once I receive a reply.
  4. Xris Xros

    Xris Xros Well-Known Member

    New Jersey
    ?? Take a picture of your fare details online.
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  5. Chamby11

    Chamby11 New Member

    I was driving home tonight offline and entered surge near my home so I went online and accepted a 1.8 surge. After drop off I checked my fare and it was only $7.66 for 22min and 7.92mi and didn't include the Surge amount. I immediately opened the fair details and saw an "adjustment" to the rider for $10.01. I emailed Uber and they gave me their standard response of no surge in the area. I disagreed. They then asked me to send the trip details which I did but when I opened the fair details again, you could no longer see the "adjustment". They hid it. Hmmm.
    P.S. .... Trying not to be a Newbie Ant
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  6. Failed Login

    Failed Login New Member

    When I get the trip detail to open on my work PC here, I'll do a screen print and post. Stuck on "Loading Trip" the entire time I'm writing this post (trying to post a photo to show I'm not crazy...).

    But here are the details per a trip I did at the end of Monday Night football last night. I partly figured out the new method and a strategy we must use to profit. If we don't, Uber will rape us on our take of the fares. I had just dropped another rider at home from leaving the game and got 2 consecutive requests that were at the stadium (which was glowing red and showing surge amounts anywhere from $22 to $38 in a range of a few blocks. Both of these riders cancelled within 5 seconds of me accepting. Then I accepted a 3rd. Note, these were hitting so fast the "Rider Cancelled" box at the bottom of my screen was still on the screen and blocking me from accepting for a few seconds. Go pick up third rider outside the stadium in the $38 zone but that's irrelevant, my car was in a $3.25 zone when I accepted the ride in a neighborhood 5 miles away. So the rider paid $58 and I got $18.xx ($3.25 surge bonus). Talk about bending over and taking one.... I now know, I should have kept declining the rides until I reached the $38 zone and then accepted. Thinking about it, if we as drivers had figured this out and several of us declined until we actually got up to that zone, the surge would have no doubt been much, much higher. But now I know.... Surge amount for us drivers makes no difference where the passenger is, it only matters where you are when you accept. That's why my 2 trips yesterday morning were deep in surge fares but when I accepted, I was outside said areas, even though under 8 and 5 minutes away for both. But the rider pays the surge anyway, we may get a price of it, we may get none of it. it's a win/win for Uber. Worst case they get the amount that would have received during a surge the old way, best case, they keep the entire surge premium paid by the rider. I don't Uber much, mainly Monday mornings to the airport, a few late night Saturdays and when there is a big event. It's decent $ for my kid's college fund. But why would I sacrifice and go out for a big event if there is no real reward for it and if I'm just putting money in their pocket...

    You Receive
    Base Fare $0.83
    Distance (19.08 mi x $0.6075/mi) $11.59
    Time (27.05 min x $0.1125/min) $3.04
    Surge $3.25
    Total $18.71

    Rider Pays
    Rider Price $57.99
    Rider Payment $57.99

    Uber Receives
    Service Fee $36.88
    Booking Fee $2.40
    Total $39.28

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  7. jaystonepk

    jaystonepk Member

    Buffalo, NY
    That's a load of steaming horse ****!
  8. civicdudeT22

    civicdudeT22 New Member

    More like an extra charge will be added as a TIP so no tip to the driver is neccessary
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  9. Bpr2

    Bpr2 Well-Known Member

    Don’t give them any ideas.
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  10. bpm45

    bpm45 Well-Known Member

    Socialize surge? Another bright idea about implementing "fairness" and completely destroying individual initiative? I wonder what other factors are going into their concept of socialization already? We've often wondered about how requests are assigned to drivers. Are they allocating ride requests to drivers based on factors other than proximity? Are they attempting to balance out revenue/earnings among drivers across the various social factors?

    I realize that customers complain when they pay a normal amount to get to an event but then feel raped trying to get home when everyone is trying to get home at the same time.

    From the evidence some here have provided it's clear that the socialization only extends to driver earnings and not to the amount Riders pay. Why wouldn't they socialize that? Wouldn't that pay better benefits to them in the marketplace? Wouldn't all those Millennials that depend on Uber find that to be a socially redeeming goal? I suspect that even the millennials wouldn't want to feel that customers in the middle of a high-demand area are getting a free ride on them in terms of a reduced fare over the normal surge.

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