Made great money this morning


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all those delegates trying to get out of town.. i saw surge in like 5 different places on the app at once, rarity
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Yes complete luck but to be honest it was in my suburban spot. I never go into the city for pick ups. Not worth it unless it's an airport ride with a surge. Too risky to be stuck with a 1.5 mile 30 minute ride. I drop off and get out


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it was off the hook starting 4 am this morning, marriot, loews, all hotels needed airportrides, wish i could have stayed later ...


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Yup, the time I put n in was worth it I must say. Hope there will be many more days like this in the future


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after slow night early in week. i got a nyc ride last night and did airport till 10 am. it had to stay busy much longer. now these days are gone for awhile