Made a Newbie's Day...


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I had to take an Uber from Hawthorne Bl at Torrance to 190th and Normandy. The driver had a 5-Star rating, so I new he was new. While he was driving me, he told me how he is a recent immigrant and needs to work two jobs to save money. (Uber is his second/part-time job.) He also told me that I was his first ride.

Well, when he dropped me off, I handed him a 5-dollar bill and wished him the best of luck. The look on his face was of the Holy Sh*t variety.

Either I made his day, or gave him false expectations...

Nathan Diaz

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You know when you go on vacation to a new place, you bring home a girl on the first night out and you think "oh my god this place is paradise," but then nothing else happens for the rest of the 2 weeks...?
I think he's going to feel like that in the next 2 weeks : )