Made $9 to go 0.1 miles


There is a giant music festival happening here and as the festival ends for the night, the surge lights up the city like a Christmas tree. Not lying when I say the entire city surges. So anyway, I get a request to pick up this lady and her friends at the designated pick up spot with a 3x surge. Score! Since traffic is a PITA, I'm in constant communication about my whereabouts with her. I get to the pick up location, she isn't there and she calls me.
I guide her to the pick up location and I finally start the trip. During this time she is complaining how Uber didn't guide her to the pick up location (Uber set up a designated pick up location in the app for this event).

This lady and her friends want to go to a hotel in the next county over, at minimum an 11 mile/20 min trip. On a 3x surge, this would be a pretty penny. Well traffic is at a literal standstill, and in 11 min we go not even one block. The lady starts complaining to me about traffic and how much this is costing her. Because I can make all the traffic from a Paul McCartney, Elle King, Young and the Giant concert all go away right?

Eventually she decides she wants to end the trip and walk somewhere with less traffic. She demands to know how much this cost her. Told her the app doesn't tell us the full fare (well I guess it does if you can do math, which I cant, plus I was under pressure from cars behind me) and she starts yelling "What do you mean you can't tell me?" Meanwhile I have cars honking at me to move but I can't cause I'm still waiting for these people to get out of my car.

This is my first rider that really @@@@@ed about surge and I'm approaching 1000 trips. Somewhat related, the night prior I had a rider think it was BS that it wasn't surging and gave me a decent tip for the ride to make up for it.

I'm pretty sure she rated me 1 star since I saw my rating go down shortly after the ride.


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I do hope that you one-starred the user.

There are more than a few out there who blame the driver for traffic. Customers have done this to cab drivers for years. It is the driver's fault that the street is closed due to the presence of fire engines. After all, the driver set the fire, correct? It is the driver's fault that the police are stopping all traffic everywhere so that the motorcade of some Self-Important Jackdonkey can pass (we get more of this here than you do in Milwaukee). It is the driver's fault that a nasty collision has closed a street.

If I am driving UberX that day and the customer asks about the fare, I tell them the truth. The truth is that Uber tells the drivers not to discuss fares with the passenger. Uber tells the driver to refer the user to Customer "Support". That is what I do. I have had users protest, but I tell them that they must take up that matter with Uber, as I am doing only what Uber tells me to do. If I stonewall them long enough, they will go away, eventually. Go away mad, go away sad, go away glad; I do not care, just GO AWAY! (if you want to discuss the fare or rates, that is).

Uber Taxi is a different matter, but you do not have that in Milwaukee.


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I originally rated her 5 stars (pretty much my natural instinct with most riders) but I contacted support at the end of the night to change it to a 1 star and explained the situation.


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Unfortunately, a big part of the HighSurgeEvent game is managing the passenger.

You have to call the passenger before you arrive and order them to a pickup location. (if this isn't working, you have to cancel and go on to a passenger who can go to the pickup location)

Then you have to do your best to establish a rapport that includes an acceptance that traffic is a PITA because this is a big event.

After all that, you remain at a high risk for a 1-star rating because of passengers who are angry because the big event they are ubering from happens to be surging.

They may even go to the pickup location, seem friendly, say something like "Ohhh I understand traffic is going to bad, this is the summerfest! We're good, don't worry!"
and then all the while they are passive-aggressive angry that there is a 4x surge.

The rating system during high surge events (and the lack of driver power to request a review/removal of a rating from 'support') is questionable


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SO how long did it take you to escape that concert traffic? When was your next ride? The answer to those questions could take the shine off the trip.
I did manage to escape traffic to get to a main road where I got another surge request. Thankfully this person was alot more patient and said he trusts me with getting out of traffic. The trip was only 1.5 miles but I did make $12 off it.