Lyft's New Yellow Heat Maps

Do you think we will make more or less money with personal power zones vs prime time?

  • We will make more!

  • We will probably make the same

  • We will make less!

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Michael Ferguson

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What do you think of the new yellow heat maps? They look alot like the old prime time ones, but without the multiplier bonus.

Are they charging a large fare for rides originating in these areas?

I haven't seen any personal power zones yet.

Also has anyone heard of the end of the power driver program and what will be replacing it? It already ended in San Francisco.


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I still haven't moved to the new system, and am very nervous about it. A few people on here say they have found ways to make good money with it, but I'll be skeptical unless I can find the same thing. On the PT angle, it's been very screwy, and sometimes obnoxiously low or totally off during huge events, concerts, games, etc... Even Lyft's own driver appreciation fest had base rates when it ended (while Uber surged. How's that for ironic?). The Lyft experience was fantastic for a good year, but it's much much worse nowadays IMO... Pax will vindictively downrate you for no reason (presumably to get their ride for free), their DFs are getting ridiculous (cutting out very quickly, counting every time you set it as a use, regardless of whether you get a match or not), and in general a lot of the sketchy tweaker/scammer/out of control late night pax seem to be taking Lyft these days. I suppose it's what you attract when you become the cut rate service... all the weasels looking to scam, lie, cheat, and hustle flock to that... combine it with a ridiculously forgiving refund policy, and they're pretty much incentivizing people to 1 star you for nothing at all. I MUCH MUCH MUCH prefer Uber to Lyft in 2018. My tips on Uber vs. Lyft have even shifted (Uber tip game is strong, Lyft tip game is weak). Once in a while I drive one of the older style Lyft pax... the kind who want to use the driver friendly platform... the ones I remember, but they're becoming rarer these days.
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I don’t think it’s being done by device type. I think it’s just a random selection of drivers
Lyft is usually IOS first Android last. I think everyone here has IOS that's on the new system, and no one on Android so far. I could be wrong. The "rate passengers 24hrs after ride ends" thing was on IOS first too.

Michael Ferguson

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So wait. Some of you still have prime time and no yellow heat zones. Here are my first "personal power zones" and I know that when I get my first downtown to airport ride for $1 or $2 bonus, my blood will boil


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Yep. iOS. Nothing new except for little to no Primetime. I guess they have to kill PT to make drivers beg for the new system. I'm less worried about that directly than I am about them offering base rate rides to pax while Uber still charges surge... Eventually, they are going to force Uber to race to the bottom, as pax are trained that rides are always base rate (for them). A bonus is not the same thing as surge or PT. A bonus is not what the pax sees... (though I would be interested to find out what Lyft is charging pax on these bonused rides. Are they charging the high surges to pax? Can us uninitiated base raters have some insight here?)


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lucky! I’m iso and I got crap system
You aint missing anything bro. 25% in the heaviest traffic... and that only lasts for 10 seconds. I have seen Uber at 3x and more, with Lyft base rate. NYE is going to be .... sooo... sooo epic....clearly. (Not working NYE this year FOR SURE. Last was lame as hell).


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LOL pax are so funny right now. I'll sit near a an event that is about to let out in a few.

"Are you an Uber?"

"Nope!" ( Not for base fares I'm not.)