Lyft's misspelling


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I read all that dribble and I'm like WTF? How does a Lyft debit card benefit anyone but Lyft? I did not see anything in that message that would save me any more money. Seems like just a big smokescreen to try and get you to sign up for their debit card. Yeah. no.


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There's no way in hell I would get either Lyft or Uber backed bank account and/or debit card. Not to mention have their "service centers" touch my vehicle. Jeebus!!!

As long as I have reasonable amount from the rides (at least 50 bucks or so), I transfer the money out every time I'm done driving for the day. Well worth the 50 cents for me. And I do all of my own maintenance, so I'm good to go. Lyft can stuff their service centers where the sun don't shine. :rolleyes:

Mista T

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It is comparable to the companies cutting surge to zero, then showing us a Heat Map and bragging about how they are helping provide us with opportunities to earn more money.

Jay Dean

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The most I got was a neat jacket once I hit 1,000 rides. Used a razor to remove the Lyft emblem from the jacket and now I wear it a lot.
I did the same thing, once it arrived, I went to walgreens and bought a seem ripper, the jacket is so nice I bought a second one on ebay for 35 bucks, way nicer then anything in the store that I could afford and well worth it, that emblem came off super fast lol