Lyft's destination system works at the airport, lol.


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The question is: Why isn't Uber's?

Today I took a long ride from my airport 45 miles up to another city, dropped the cheapskate off and headed for their airport, the queue begins.... (I forgot I left my Lyft on with destination to my home airport).

As soon as I got a bubble from Uber, I take it and get ready to call the pax to see if it's going my way and then... I get a Lyft, startled I grab it and then say to myself "could it be possible?", well @@@@ me silly, I call the pax and find out the destination was right where I pinned, 45 miles down.

I canceled my uber ride without calling and drove back home, easiest 90 miles with return trip I've ever done, thank you Uber for making it easier to choose Lyft's work over yours.

And thus ends my cool story.


Shhhhh... Don't let Lyft know that. Uber used to have a glitch that would let destination work from the airport sometimes but they found out and put a stop to it.


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Why not let it work at the airport? Trips will still get covered. The solution to cherry picking is a high minimum fare or skipping the queue after a shortie