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Lyft Weekly Driver Challenge Bonus


New Member
Hi all. I drive Lyft in San Diego. Usually, but not always, a weekly driver challenge bonus is offered, which can approach $250 for giving 145 rides in a week, and a lesser amount for 123 rides. 145 rides is slightly less than 21 rides a day, and I usually exceed that. I'm thinking about adding Uber as a backup, but I don't see any similar bonuses. If that's true, then why would drivers who drive a lot and could reach 123 or 145 drive for Uber at all, and potentially miss out on an almost $250 bonus? What am I missing? Any insights would be appreciated. Happy driving!

William Fenton

Well-Known Member
You will get more uber rides than Lyft so for the same driving time per week you will make more on uber than you do with Lyft even with the bonus.
I stopped driving much wit Lyft when they increased the number of rides needed to get any bonus.

Don't swim in pools

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You still get a bonus reason 1. Large majority of drivers get squat now. Second, lyft has a 2500 deductible which is bs. Third, more uber pings than lyft. Finally, the fact that Lyft almost never surges. I leave Lyft on for 45+ notifications for the most part.


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The best way for you to learn is your own experience. Drive one week for that Lyft bonus, 2nd week go with both app and compare the results.