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Lyft wants staff to take a spin behind the wheel

Discussion in 'News' started by FormerTaxiDriver, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. FormerTaxiDriver

    FormerTaxiDriver Well-Known Member

    Lyft puts up billboards across the US to thank its drivers.

    Photo by Lyft
    Melissa Waters decided to try something different a few months ago: She drove for Lyft.

    She had the usual experiences of picking up riders and dropping them off. But she also had unexpected moments, like when she bonded with a passenger or met someone interesting. She also found driving tougher than anticipated.

  2. Blatherskite

    Blatherskite Well-Known Member

    Plateau of Leng
    It's so cute when the gentry have a day out with hoi polloi.
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  3. STMNine

    STMNine Member

    Since she/they are probably using vehicles and insurance provided by the company, it's not necessary for them to factor in stuff like driving expenses and depreciation unlike us actual drivers--"virtuous cycle"... more like vicious cycle. So yeah, something tells me that this won't result in changes for the better.
  4. SurginGeneral

    SurginGeneral Well-Known Member

    4 hours every three months, for those who want to save a click.

    Not a bad practice. You don’t see Uber doing this...
  5. FormerTaxiDriver

    FormerTaxiDriver Well-Known Member

    Like mandatory "community service" hours.

    I'm almost sure they won't be taking just any ping the system throws their way.

    Perhaps carefully crafted time calls, sitting at the airport, or just sitting with the app open?
  6. mikes424

    mikes424 Well-Known Member

    Good idea. Uber should follow

    It always helps when the powers that be, in any business, actually experiences what the workers actuality go through.
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  7. Bubsie

    Bubsie Well-Known Member

    Rochester, NY
    Trivial bit of code to give the employees "volunteering" super premium pings, with very little down time. Perfect ping on way out, and perfect ping to return to the office. Just a little less business for those actually doing this day in and day out.
  8. Ride-Share-Risk-Manager

    Ride-Share-Risk-Manager Well-Known Member

    New York City and NJ
    I am still waiting for any Lyft employee to take me up on my offer to allow them to drive for me in the South Bronx or Paterson or Newark NJ at 2 am on on Saturday night. That is where driving for the actual Lyft passengers gets real and these entitled little Lyfties can get a real world experience of driving for Lyftdiculous.
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  9. mariasuber

    mariasuber Active Member

    Los Angeles,Ca
    It should be a mandatory 4 hour behind the wheel session in addition to 4 hours of phone support. Keep it real.
  10. dirtylee

    dirtylee Well-Known Member

    Local Uber employees including do managers drive. Even Rachel Holt drives a few pax around.

    They don't care about the money they make which is the real problem with uber.

    Uber as it is today is pretty good. It's a taxi service. Now & always.

    Driver pay needs to be raised substantially.
    We need to see pax destinations on ping again. The service has enough drivers to cover damn near everything now.
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  11. The Gift of Fish

    The Gift of Fish Well-Known Member

    San Francisco
    "Ed, a longtime Lyft driver who asked that we not use his full name, said Lyft shows it appreciates drivers."
    Ed obviously hits the crack pipe on a regular basis.

    "When he hit a high number of rides, the company gave him an "expensive" black waterproof windbreaker, he said."
    I sold mine for $20 on ebay. Expensive jacket? No.

    "And Lyft's destination filter, which lets drivers pick up passengers along their route six times a day, is a "big help," he added."
    It's a great help if you want to backtrack and/or drive around in circles. It's non-functional. Like the mermaid figureheads on old ships, it serves no useful purpose other than decoration.
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  12. tohunt4me

    tohunt4me Well-Known Member

    new orleans , la.
    When do we get our 4 hours OFFICE TIME ?

    When ?

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  13. polar2017

    polar2017 Well-Known Member

    Wonder how much $$ Lyft paid to have this article published.
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  14. emdeplam

    emdeplam Well-Known Member

    Lagos Nigeria
    Should help san Francisco driver shortage
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  15. Primeonly27

    Primeonly27 Active Member

    Such BS! What they need to do is ride with a driver for a whole day see how little they make and all the cancellations. Drive for 10 minute to get a ride and a minute before they get their the ride is canceled. Then get another ping and do it all over again.
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  16. JimKE

    JimKE Well-Known Member

    I was with you 100%...right up until here. You've obviously never spent extended periods at sea on sailing ships!
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  17. GT500KR

    GT500KR Well-Known Member

    Perrinville Wa.
    Or the 48 Buick "Gunsite" hood ornament.
  18. SuzeCB

    SuzeCB Well-Known Member

    Actually, they do. Don't know if it extends to upper management, but the GLH CSRs have to, every month. And they have to take every ping that comes along.
  19. roadman

    roadman Well-Known Member

    Lyft is ****.
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  20. CarterPeerless

    CarterPeerless Well-Known Member


    Give me 4 hours of their salary. That would be better than any day I've ever had on Lyft.

    In the end, no one should fall for this bull****. These people aren't dependent on the money. They are not trying to make rent. They are not delaying maintenance on their vehicle because they had a medical bill that ate up all the Lyft pennies. They've never lived a Lyft Christmas. They have never stretched the day an extra 5 hours because the first 10 didn't produce enough income to cover their needs.

    It's a very different experience when you drive because you need it to live; than it is driving because your six-figure job requires it (once every three months...).
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