Lyft VS Uber


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I'd have to say with all of the controversy surrounding Uber, many of my customers chose to go with Lyft. I drive for both. But with Lyft you only get offers or hourly guarantees when you drive religiously. Since Lyft and Uber only supplement my other income, I don't drive each day. Most days I have personal appointments and family members to care for. So the downside to Lyft is you have to drive daily, for several hours, with a 90% or better acceptance rate, in order to get the rates offered. With Uber it's less complex. Not much of a hassle. However, I find it difficult to be driving to the hot spots, or waiting forever for a ping. Driving for both, while being signed into both apps, I find myself constantly filling the tank with each ride due to the long wait, which seems to be pointless, or a waste of time and money. While I like the idea of driving to major cities and turning on the Lyft app, to get extra cash, I don't like wild goose chases. I signed up to drive within my designated, or home, locale, and was told that Lyft will stay within my area, and won't send me outside of this assigned area. However, my 3rd time out, Lyft sent me almost 30 minutes away from my designated area, to a small town, to pick up a lady who purchased groceries and needed a ride to her home a few blocks away from the town grocery store. I made pocket change for this trip, and spent about $5 - $10 dollars out of my own pocket. I complained to Lyft but they pretty much stated Lyft serves a wide area. It would've been nice if you could see the customer's desired destination prior to accepting the fare. If the woman was returning to my designated area, I would've been okay with it. Uber hasn't done this to me before, which I'm thankful for.