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Lyft vs. Uber in San Francisco, it's Lyft hands down


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Lyft puts something in the driver's water bottles.
Actually it is the marketing and the Welcome drive....
They blow smoke up somewhere.

I also dislike how Lyft indicates how long the driver has been driving for Lyft on the app.
I was doing Uber for 2 years part time before I did my first Lyft drive. I had a PAX treat me like a newbie. No need for that.


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As I have posted before, I had a Lyft pax tell me he was mad because I used an Android phone.
Something about the same smoke Apple blows up somewhere effects Lyft PAX.
I still think I should have dumped him and his Apple iPhone on 25th St. San Diego.
See how long it takes to get a Lyft car to respond to that part of town.