Lyft / Uber Airport Pickups


Do you still need to do all the regulated industries stuff to pick up here? I haven't received anything from either company about getting permits for KCMO but only started up on Lyft about Christmas time, drove for Uber before several years ago, but haven't heard anything from them either this time around.


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Nope. No KCMO Regulated Industries anymore.

Greitens, before he was run out of the Missouri governor's mansion, signed a bill that normalized rideshare across all Missouri. That action kicked KCMO's Regulated Industries to the curb.



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The airport ( KCI ) is planning on making uber/lyft drivers get TSA airport badges, they have done this at other airports, part of the Federal TSA regulations. If they do this, to get airport pickups and dropoffs, the drivers will have to have airport security id's, same as taxi, limo, and other commercial delivery drivers. But don't hold your breaths on this, as the new airport terminal construction is going to cause all kinds of issues.