Lyft trying to move in my area


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I must say it was sad. I was the only driver in my hour block of training / vehicle inspection. They want to start-up before college fall semester begins. But what if they only got a dozen drivers? That would equal terrible customer service, because I'm a full time driver.

Apparently Lyft only sign's up drivers in person, unlike Uber, so they'll need alot more hotel conference room rentals and drivers show up!

But I do want to be able to change platforms depending on which grass is greener at the moment. So we'll see where this goes.


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Where is your area? In Savannah, they started onboarding server they had several hundred applicants. They probably mentored about 200 people the first week they were here, then hired a local to keep up the pace. They actually started service as soon as they had about 100 drivers cleared and ready to go. After all that, there are usually only at most a dozen drivers online at any given time.


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They are recruiting Detroit drivers to sign up people in Grand Rapids (about a 2 hour drive from here). Offering $450 per referral for GR. I'm not sure when they're going to get up and running over there but if you sign up for Lyft make sure you get a good signing bonus.