Lyft ripped me off


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So I've been screen shotting my Lyft pay because what is on my screen on Sunday night is always less than what they base my pay on before fees. Is anyone else noticing this?


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Hmm, never noticed this on lyft, on uber almost every month in the beginning until I threatened to sue them if I ever saw it happen again, it mysteriously got fixed.


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Um, one thing I always hated about Lyft is that they showed our earnings before any fees (vs Uber that actually shows you your cut after their fees), so the Lyft app always showed a great high amount but in reality it was much less. For example if I did a $10 ride, Lyft was like "you made $10, way to go son..." and when I went to cash out they showed the actual amount I was getting, say $7. So with a week worth of rides, the app can make a driver think they made $500 if every night he saw a $100 in there, and when they pay you out they take their fees out and you get $400 or whatever it is. I hope that makes sense. I'm sure it's done on purpose to make it look like you're making more money than you actually are. Could this be the issue?


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With Lyft, the fees taken out of your fares can be variable based on promotions and bonuses with Lyft. Lyft shows the post-processing amount you've earned on the Express Pay prompt.