Lyft Riders can now switch from Line to Lyft during ride??


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So I had a ride a couple days ago, that I am pretty sure started out as Line, because I received a second pax shortly after picking up first pax. 2nd pax cancelled and when we got to drop-off for first, after dropping her kids at school wanted me to continue further down the street. I started to explain to her that she would have to start a new ride, when I noticed her destination changed and Now had a "stop 2" after "stop 1". Can this be changed interride now?
I know on regular rides they can create stops before they get to their final destination as I had on this past weekend. I do not know about if it started out as Line as we do not have Line where I am at. I'm in Portland, OR.


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Are you 100% sure it was a Line request? The second request could have been an added pax to your queue after you drop off the first pax.