Lyft RDU


Lyft now has a new ridiculous feature. Drive to a spot outside the que lot. Tap to arrive wait for a few seconds than tap leave and go back to front of que at main staging lot. This has to be the most insane thing I have seen. Where they want you to go and wait is around the bend past terminal 1 where the rdu police wait.


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I don’t drive much for Lyft but last night at RDU, in the Uber lot, I was second in line for Lyft per the app. Then I was 3rd in line, then 4th so I just left after 10 min of watching myself getting bumped higher in the que. Does Lyft really expect us to wait between terminals? If so, that’s messed up. Uber are [email protected]@holes and it’s 7-15 business days for an answer so until then it’s solely Lyft unfortunately.


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Lyft suck just like uber...i thought lyft paid more and I was ready to tell uber to shove it....come to find out lyft pay exactly what uber pay but the wait time for a trip is twice as long