Lyft Queue @ SRQ cattywampus


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Is the Lyft Q still trying get you to cross over University to join?
The Lyft queque is annoying to say the least. Unlike Uber, it blocks you from ride requests that don’t originate at the airport, which this time of year isn’t good. The geofence extends out too far past the airport so if you just drive by you are put in line whether you want it or not. And because of this, the numbers in line that shows in the app is wrong because it’s adding cars that aren’t in the airport.


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Yesterday morning I drove in and was added to the queue, came back later in the day and some update to the app had occurred...a big pop up w question “do you want to be added to the queue?” If you click to get added it pulled up an internal nav guidance that led me across University to the hotel parking lot ....”you have arrived” and only then was added to the queue...from there I could drive over to the airport without leaving the queue...but had to be careful where I was in the short term lot....very odd!


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I haven't been to SRQ since Wednesday. I'll dry by tomorrow and check it out. They should have left well enough alone.