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If you are in Lyft's Power Zones, some helpful info-
I've been getting these for the past several weeks and last night I got a request while I was within the zone but the 60% wasn't added. I emailed several times quoting the email that states "Simply accept rides while you're in the zone during eligible hours and you'll get more for every ride. No opt-in, ride minimum, or acceptance rate required."

The response I finally got after telling them I was reporting them to the State Dept of Labor for deceptive business practice:
Thamara (Lyft)
Mar 28, 2:10 PM PDT

I was able to locate the details you need only in internal documents since the promotion is new it seems that the information released to the drivers is very general, therefore as a one time courtesy due to the misunderstanding I bonused your account with $7.86 that is the 60% of the trip cost for ***'s ride.

For future reference here are the details on how Power Zone works:

"When a driver accepts a ride inside a Power Zone (an area that Lyft sets up as a geofenced area), the ride will be guaranteed to have a certain percentage multiplier (like Prime Time) on the ride fare. If Prime Time in the area is higher than the Power Zone guarantee, the driver will receive the actual passenger Prime Time."

Regarding a Lyft Hub in Chicago, unfortunately, we don't have one available for reference.

Hope this makes up for the confusion and I really appreciate your comprehension."

So they are now claiming the rider also has to be within the geofence, but I swear that hasn't been the case before last night.


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So I actually just got 2 pickups outside the zone (1400 S State & 432 S Western) and got paid the 60% on both. I think what happened last night was just a glitch.