Lyft Personal Power Zones


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I wonder if the PPZ is to actually keep you from going to where it’s actually busy so they can keep the neighboring area surging longer. Just a thought.
Yes!!! This is true. They offer ppz to get to the outer areas that surge less. It seems like they keep people in those areas. I’ve noticed that every time there is a ppz that pops up it in an area where there is less demand and I check passenger app and there are at least 6 drivers one min away in the area. Sometimes I get no requests and the ppz doubles after about 5 mins-10mins, I usually have to reject some requests but then sometimes it goes away and it’s a total waste of time. It’s very tricky and a total mind game. I love to reject as many requests as I wait for a higher bonus and I also let requests time out too. Lyft dosent like it very much, try playing around w ppz try to stall the app it sometimes works.
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OK. I have been a Phoenix Lyft driver for 2 years now and I want to share some thoughts with the new personal impotent zones. Lyft states, "We have listened and made improvements..." -First off let me stop there. Who did they listen to? Was it one driver complaining? I tend to believe they were listening to the Board and majority shareholders who are demanding more profit. -Second...improvements? Bahaha. I am basing my thoughts on spending a week with the PPZ. I accepted every ride for fairness. My findings in the app are this:
  • In the rider payment breakdowns over the week Lyft is making 32% MORE than the average over the last month.
  • They said in their "test market" drivers were making more bonuses. Where did they test market and I have written to see those test results...have not heard back. My average bonus amounts over the last 6 months on JUST Friday and Sat were $37 each friday and each saturday $75 combined. This weekend with the PPZ, my bonus total was $13.38...that is the TOTAL folks.
  • I had two rides where I had to travel over 13 miles avg last night (Sat) just to pick up and go about 6 miles for the ride itself. One was at 2:17am the other at 3:02am. The 3:02am had me travel ACROSS ASU and into Scottsdale (16.2 miles total) and when pinged it said "100% Prime Time"...weird since there is no PT. On the breakdown I made $4.60 for the ride, no tip..and a $2 adjustment for how far I had to go. So I made just $4.60 in fare and Lyft got paid...$21.76.
  • Sure Lyft still charges the customer for PT/Surge but I got ZERO bonus.
I used to put in 10 or more hours on a fri/sat night and easily clear no less than $160 with about 35-50% PT rides...this weekend my total pay WITH tips was $132 TOTAL.

Welcome to the new and improved Lyft where the drivers are forced to turn off their apps to search for a PPZ while the customers wait time increases and increases. Congratulations Lyft share owners for finding a way to stress out drivers, lower customer service and increase demand with less drivers on the weekend.
Now you’re realizing lyft is and always has scammed drivers.