LYFT payment problem, 2+ weeks and still not paid!! Lyft help SUCKS!

Here is my problem with LYFT: Originally, when I used the Instant pay feature, I forgot that my bank card number had changed, so the payment didn't go through. Understandable. Lyft said that it would be rerouted to my checking account (the way we are paid when not using Instant Pay) and that it might take up to a week. Meanwhile, I updated my bank card info and future Instant Pay when through fine.

But more than 2 weeks later, I still haven't seen the original amount I emailed Lyft about. And the pattern continues: I ask for help, get a response (usually days later) or no response at all (then I start a new email, starting the whole process over). When I do get a response, they cite my old bank card #, even though I have told them numerous times not to, and claim that their records indicate that they have done things correctly on their end. My bank says nothing has been sent their way. And so it goes, round and round.

Bottom line is, Lyft could have just sent me the damn money the same way they send money when someone vomits in your car. Oh, wait, even that took a week to happen when a PAX vomited in my car (whereas this happened to me last night doing Uber and I was paid by this morning).

Here is my last email to them. I think I really will have to sue. Has anyone else had a problem like this? I'm wondering about a class action suit. Just SOoooo sick of being jerked around :smiles:

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"I am still trying, without ANY success, and without ANY real assistance from Lyft whatsoever, to get paid the money that I earned. Why am I being put off on this every single time? I WANT TO BE PAID WHAT I EARNED MORE THAN 2 WEEKS AGO. PLEASE STOP JERKING ME AROUND!!!!!! HAVE YOU NO SENSE OF FAIRNESS????? I have been more than patient, waiting, waiting, waiting, and getting nothing. Please reread the entire threat below. It is NOT the fault of my bank. The money WAS NOT sent properly from your end. I WANT MY MONEY, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! LYFT has terrible help!!!!!!!
Just have someone call me directly and let's get this over with, please . [number here] Monday I am taking all of this to a labor attorney if there is no solution. And I'm going to broadcast it all over social media. I am sick and tired of it. WTH???????? "



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A similar issue is happening to me where I signed up to drive for lyft. I got approved and hit the road right away. However, they've been jerking me around saying that their engineers have not been able to verify my identity and that's why I haven't been paid. It's a real pain because they were able to verify my identity 2 WEEKS AGO to be a driver but they are not able to to pay me the money I earned fair and square. The worst thing about this is that they owe me over $700 and I was relying on that money to go on vacation tomorrow. How long did it take for this issue to be resolved?