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LYFT pax are marking wrong pickup to avoid primetime


Was at JWAirport in Orange County and LYFT was at a 100% primetime and had three pax in a row after requested pickup all located just outside airport, one was actually on 405 freeway. So text to verify if at airport arrival or address is correct. And they all said at airport and so in cancelled request cause it avoided the primetime rate. And didn't want to wait for pax to do it incase missed out on rate increase. How does anyone else handle this issue. Does it charge Primetime on requested location or in actual pickup spot?


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With Uber.... I email them there exact pickup location and a screen shot of the rider app to show its surging where the pickup spot is. They are very good at getting it corrected.

Lyft on the other had has basically told me to @@@@ed off when I do he same thing with them. Granted this was only one time but.... once was enough for me. I will now no longer take any ping outside of a prime time zone with lyft.


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I believe uber will correct their slimy ways which is awesome way to act like you have been suckered to accept it but you will be getting it fixed immediayely. It has happened to me on uber to avoid surge. I actually went to spot where they dropped pin and waited the 5 minutes while telling them I am on my way. After I collected the $5, I noticed surge was higher...lol. I have no idea about Lyft but what you did could be considered a right reaction. These types probably would not tip either.

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