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Lyft Passenger Going to LAX Is Left in Random Parking Lot After Driver Realizes He’ll Only Make $6

Discussion in 'News' started by akamai, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. akamai


    A man who ordered a Lyft to take him to Los Angeles International Airport this week was dropped off at a random parking lot instead after the driver realized how little money he would be making on the trip, according to a video recording of the incident.

    Darryl, a pilot for a major airline who didn't want his last name used or his employer identified, was headed to LAX on Thursday morning for work when the incident took place.

    He was on a tight schedule when the driver apparently realized it wasn't worth it financially for him to get the passenger to his destination and abruptly decided to abandon him.

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  2. We need more incidents like this. When the public Start a to realize how little we make, it will stem the flow of new drivers and start the ball rolling on drivers making a realistic amount for these crap trips.
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  3. Gung-Ho


    East of Omaha
    Yes! More passenger abandonment in obscure places to demonstrate our frustration at low wages.

    Maybe give a few pax a good head thumping and butt kicking to really illustrate the desperation we feel for over saturation of drivers.
  4. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    Nothing wrong with slamming the door on a pax's head to wake them up about the cheap Uber pricing.

    It seems as though we have to pull teeth with pax just to get a tip.
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  5. Gung-Ho


    East of Omaha
    Nyuk Nyuk!
  6. ÜberKraut


    Hershey, PA
    Ant mistake #1: Accepting the Pilot's Ping at non-surge rate.
    Clearly the driver didn't think this through.
    Seller's remorse?
    You agreed to a job.
    Finish it or don't take it.
  7. The problem is that the public doesn't care. Noone does. They are more than happy to keep using the service despite the abuse. In fact, it's precisely why they use it in the first place. Cheap cheap cheap.

    Don't forget that this is a country willing to turn a blind eye to child slave labor. Many Chinese factories push their workers to the point of suicide, and we all know this! But for the right price we still turn a blind eye.

    Even in this report, notice how the entire thing focuses on how the rider was treated. They completely ignored the plight of the driver. If the situation was reversed they wouldn't accept the trip either.

    The real beef should be with lyft and the fact that this dude is making $6 on a 45 minute trip to the airport.

    B.S. They intentionally hide the information needed to make an informed decision. How tf was this guy to know that the rider was going to the airport when he took the ping?

    This is yet another problem their system creates. It is clear the driver wouldn't have accepted if he'd known beforehand.

    You're the type that actually beleived them when they called you a "business owner". Well guess what, you're not. They use that to screw you over even further by leaving you with the taxes and expenses.
  8. uberdriverfornow


    Moe, "how long you had a weak back ? " .....Curly, "ohhh, about a week back ....nyuk nyuk nyuk"
  9. Fuzzyelvis


    "He was on a tight schedule"

    Translates as "running late and expected the driver to hurry."

    Who wants to bet he said something to the driver about getting him to work faster and the driver dumped him at that point?
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  10. Every driver should do this.

    As a 1099 contractor, we are a contractor and not an employee.
    If the contract, whose terms (distance, etc.) we are given is unprofitable, then we should abandon the contract.

    We receive zero good faith or return customers because we provide a "good service".
    Any positive experience we provide, reflects not on us (like it would a contractor), but on Uber/Lyft.
    We have zero incentive to provide a good experience for nonprofitable rides.
    So we should not provide a good experience, but instead provide a poor experience, for all nonprofitable rides.

    We are not a business that can sell something at a loss today to create a return customer. That return customer will get another driver.
    We are not an employee that represents the "Lyft Community".
    If we get no "good faith" or return business, why should we act in good faith or provide good service?

    Kudos to the driver that treated his customer the way Uber and Lyft treat him.
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  11. Driver should of cancelled before rider got in that's a rookie mistake. I do the same thing daily no issues.

    Lyft can't fire someone for not wanting to provide free labor period, & this guy is a pos wanting him fired for not wanting to drive for free. He knew what he was doing didn't care about the speeding till he was kicked out probably was rushing the dude cuz he was running late, driver was like ef this not getting a ticket for $6 GTFO lol

    The algorithm knows if it's less than minimum wage for the hour & it sends the illegal request anyway.

    Every 30+mile ride I do accept which is 99% of them now cuz you HAVE to screen I also let EVERY rider know drivers lose money on every ride under 10 miles.

    These people are thieves not customers don't even let them in your ride start trip @ 1/4 Mike away less than $10 for the hour or undesireable CANCEL

    Show the algorithm you an adult not a child in the 1970s

    Obscure? It was a parking lot another cockroach picked him up in 3 minutes & got $2 after gas while this over sleeping fat bastard got a free ride credit to the airport

    He's too old to be a snowflake but entitled much? GTFO my car the faster you do the faster you can exploit someone else 1 star service 1 star price

    Try xl, select, black we don't cancel as much or handing the driver least a $5 bill like you did 20+ years ago with family & friends when the rate was double what it is now

    yup they don't care why should they? If the subway down the street selling $5 footlongs for $1 I'm eating there 3 times a day till they go out of business & I haven't ate fast food since the 90s more than a handful of times a year

    Poor people aren't supposed to have chauffeurs & private drivers but best believe if I couldn't afford a car but could summon one from my trap phone for 1970s prices well it's in the app store must be legal so I'd be all over it too

    Cancel before the ones who pick these rides up are just as bad as Uber/Lyft for the rates

    Stop accepting any rides that don't gross least $10 or you deserve it, until that happens they'll keep sending them because you telling the algorithm you like the treatment

    It's already down to a penny the algorithm can't go any lower and it even calls the penny "premium"
  12. gw03081958


    We need another Jimmy Hoffa to step in and stick up Kalanicks ass.
  13. Feeling vindicated.
  14. UBERPROcolorado


    This is wrong in so many ways:

    The driver agreed to accept the fees paid when he signed up.

    The driver accepted the ride and was obligated to finish the trip, as the rider did nothing to warrant being ejected.

    Anything that might have happened to the rider would be on the driver. Thank God nothing happened to the rider.

    This is the kind of behavior that gives rideshares a bad name. I hope this pile of crap is not only deactivated, but sued by the rider.
  15. 3000+ rides 1st month took em all to learn new area only had to put 1 person out the ride & it was in that first month.

    Arrive start trip no destination but I can see her with a carry on luggage threw her window from street as sh drinks coffee & talks in phone, I figure it's airport no biggy 40+ miles, send text "here" 5 minutes goes by could cancel but hey $50 an hour take your time, she finally mosies out gets in car, so I tell her there's no destination airport? No it's some business down the street, fine ef it you here now, please put in destination...oh I'll tell ya so I get to the first stop sign and say right or left, oh hold on while she starts talking on phone....

    So I pulled over said I'm ending this trip you need to get out about 7 houses from where I picked her up, told her it was a $4 trip so not worth it, illegal minimum fare from 1971 & waste another drivers time. She looked liked someone killed her puppy idgaf this dude was late asked the driver to speed & hurry, the driver was already pissed because he messed up accepting the ride probably had a high cancel rate & was taking one for the team & the guy said something out of pocket so the driver put him out.

    It happens 1 outta every 10 rides take one for the team still I like to keep my cancel rate in the low 30% & even that once makes me wanna throw the thief out the ride the 96% of drivers who fail gotta deal with thieves 8 outta 10 trips lol

    $4 haha $6 haha $8 still for $10 fair but you a cheapskate $15 slightly above minimum wage

    If you are an adult risking your life for a few tacos you deserve a bad name, a worthless vehicles, & the 96% by design failure rate, you don't respect yourself accepting what a paperboy in the 1980s made, why should others?
  16. UBERPROcolorado


    If a rider cannot follow the rules, such as updating a destination, then ending the trip is ligit. The rider that was dumped in the parking lot did nothing wrong.
  17. Did nothing wrong because you believe him?

    Rider knew what they were doing far as I'm concerned if at anytime I want you out my property & you're not paying me well GTFO don't care if he was a gentleman, sneezed wrong, or what most likely happened asked this driver to hurry 1 too many times for him to take so he said ef it

    Two wrongs don't make a right but no dough no soup for you since you in a hurry wait longer for another driver, kick Rocks, pull out your camera phone like the cheap biatch you are, huff & puff to your crappy job, YouTube it, vlog it

    Free country for the most part & we are technically "independent contractors" people make up all types of excuses for free rides especially if they miss a flight or are poor people (use of x instead of xl, select, black where he wouldn't be treated like this because he's actually paying over costs)1 star price 1 star service

    Uber is the enemy, Lyft is the enemy, riders going less than 10 miles that don't hand you least $5 when getting in are the enemy, pool drivers are the enemy, & x drivers that don't cancel less than 10 Mile trips are the enemy

    It's war profit vs. losses I k ow which side I fight for

    Poor people and cheap people aren't supposed to have chauffeurs & private drivers period, this service is not for them it's a trap even for them, you think someone who can't afford what a 16 year old can save for over a few months are paying the credit cards to zero? Nope interest on all those cheap rides. Buy a effing car like an adult decent ones come to $15 a day or risk your life and depend on grandpa Simpson or Apu not killing you in an accident or dropping you in a parking lot..

    Non tipping Idiots think they getting over still paying for a ride they took last july or paying $7 to get to their $11 per hour jobs like that's gonna turn out good
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  18. The real question is:

    If they don't care about the drivers being screwed over for cheap rides, then why should we care about them?

    Once again, this is part of the issue here. They hide the information needed for drivers to make informed decisions.

    A trip includes a beginning and an end point. So without a destination I have not accepted your trip, only your trip request.

    If I don't like where you're going then oh well.

    Good thing we've ready established that neither of us cares about the other. Denied.
  19. I'm simple I accept it, once I start it I do simple math.

    If I cancel will I just lose $1 or more than $1 depending on the location it can be a $2-3 loss if so I cancel. If it's the airport which is $50-$75 an hour I accept it. Quite easy to knock 2-3 of those out in the 3 hours I usually watch squawk box then do I wake n bake for first take or grab another decisions decisions

    Everyone knows what they doing after basic self preservation it's exploit the desperate or not so good at math..

    It would be nice if Uber showed approx miles & direction the destination is but they won't that works for everyone & is too efficient letting drivers least head in a direction they want, it would be nice if the made sure drives grossed a minimum$10, it would be nice if I didn't have to game some evil algorithm and just drive it is what it is

    In my market anyone else that does otherwise is stupid & beneath me & no one is getting in my car for less than $10 period but at this point I even avoid the 20-30s I'll bless the cockroaches that circle my home base 24/7 idleing burning gas far from home while I pick & choose from the bed or couch

    All 4.7 or less ignored
    All x farther than 7 min ignored
    Don't reply to my pretext cancelled
    Reply but not what I want to hear cancelled
    Start trip not airport cancelled
    Reply to my liking head down to the ride I auto started from the bed to warm up or cool down
    Airport 5 star service thanks
    Join the 1%
    I don't even leave the house to go to the car till I get a text back 90% of the time and get no complaints, tipped regularly turns out people going to a place with purpose appreciate my service the rest don't exist just like they money
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  20. The driver accepted the trip request. Not the trip. There's a difference.

    Sorry buddy. Doesn't work that way. Your only obligation is to drop them off in a safe location.

    Once the rider exits the vehicle your responsibility to them is legally over. Even the insurance coverage ends the second you end the trip.

    Now if you're making a moral argument then just save it, because we've already established that neither party cares about the other.

    No they give themselves a bad name by forcing us into these uncomfortable situations with pax.

    They do it knowing that many drivers will seek to avoid confrontation with a rider thats already in the car and will just take the trip.

    You're busy defending these companies while they're busy setting you up for failure. And youre too ignorant to see the manipulation. You get what you pay for.
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