Lyft or Uber

Pax Hack

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Which app do you prefer? Lyft has recently made some changes that are nice, like how the daily fare total is shown and how clear and up front the tips are up front. But they still automatically add rides to your queue....should be illegal.


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Lyft = long pickups and ghetto. Normal prime time (surge) but they play games and try several times to get you to pick up unsurged in a heat zone (espically airport's) they have it like it a flickering light bulb

Uber = entitlement pax but busier with shorter pick up miles. Bad sticky surge that's 1/3 of the average up front cost. (Have to hope for a "you got a larger portion of the surge "

The days of actually figuring out what you're making are's like a cracker jack surprise on Uber

No Prisoners

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Whomever pays better. This is a business, not a romance. I only do X rides when surging over $7 and less than 12 miles or less than 30 minutes. If higher time or miles, then surge must be proportionate higher. Just cancel and let someone else do it. Otherwise just do lux and private clients. Uber's decreasing surge amounts as they charge riders higher. Accordingly, my acceptance ratio with Uber is less than 5%. Can't speak for others, but doing rides where Uber takes over 30% is degrading and not conducive for good mental health. Let others do it while feeding the dragon.

Mista T

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Whomever pays better.

Agreed 100%.

Surge is 99% gone in my market. Bonuses are 95% gone in my market.

If one is surging ... that's who is getting my driving business at that time.

The next criteria is which one is giving a ride within my pickup parameters (5 minutes or 1.5 miles, whichever is less. Avoid grocery stores).

If both are offering a ride, then it's which one is closer.

I seem to get shorter rides with Lyft, however they seem to tip me roughly double the Uber tipping frequency. But that's just my market.

When I ask pax if they take a lot of Uber or Lyft, they frequently tell me which one they ride with the most, for some reason.


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I agree with "automatically adding to your queue" being illegal.
But Uber does not do that; only Lyft does.
I also heard that with Lyft you do not have an option to set "Lyft Line" off - with Uber, there is an option for "Uber Pool".
Lyft seems to have better customer support (at least this used to be the case).
Uber seems to treat their more experienced/higher rated drivers better. Notice that I said 'seems to'.
I drive for both and am not really partial to either one.


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I only drive Lyft, and noticed something that I'd like to confirm. Close to 90% of my pax are woman. I think UBER is getting really burned with woman with all the tragedy in the news. Being larger it is more likely to happen to them and more often, or have more fake drivers. Does anyone have the same impression that woman ride more with Lyft?