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Lyft opens recording studio for Atlanta drivers


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Atlanta Inno: Lyft opens recording studio for Atlanta drivers

By Madison Hogan – Atlanta Inno Staff Writer, Atlanta Business Chronicle
Aug 10, 2018, 10:00am EDT
The Atlanta Inno tech brief is a roundup of the week’s biggest local tech and startup stories. For more innovation news and to stay plugged into the city’s ecosystem,

Lyft opens recording studio for Atlanta drivers

There’s no denying Atlanta is the musical hub of the Southeast where hip hop and rap reign. Now, a ride-hailing giant has entered the music scene to put a spin on the track.

Lyft has opened a recording studio that is free for drivers on its platform. In an effort to be a resource to local Lyft drivers, many of whom moonlight as musicians, Lyft launched the studio in Berkley Park in June, according to Sam Bond, general manager of Lyft southeast.

“We wanted to create an opportunity for them to share their interests and talents outside of driving for Lyft,” he said. “And this just seemed like a really natural extension for that. We have a lot of artists in our community and Atlanta has a phenomenal music scene and heritage, and we just thought it made a lot of sense.”

Lyft’s customer support location in Atlanta, where the studio is located, has become a hub for answering questions, lending assistance and learning customer needs for drivers in the southeast, Bond said. With the studio, Lyft has another way of connecting with their drivers, he said.

“Our drivers represent an incredible cross section of the communities that we operate in and it’s been really amazing to see in my two and a half years in Atlanta the diversity of talent and interest in that driver community,” he said.

Approved drivers for Lyft in Atlanta can access a link in the app to reserve times and book a session with the studio, Bond said. Since its opening, the studio has seen a variety of artists, though hip hop seems to be the most popular genre, he said. Lyft has no claims to the music created in the studio.

“It’s really cool to see kind of the breadth of style coming through the city,” he said.

In addition to the studio, Lyft has also launched music efforts in other markets, such as free rides for musicians to their gigs in Austin, a special Spotify playlist in Chicago featuring only Chicago Lyft drivers and an intimate concert space for the Lyft community and another recording space in Detroit.

“We’re in the process of developing a calendar in a bunch of different potential events to take it further,” he said.
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