Lyft only drivers?


Hey guys I’m new in town and been driving Lyft for about three weeks out here. I got deactivated on fuber (long story) so I’m stuck with gryft only. I’m from LA and did a bit of surge/PT driving only but that was over a year ago and I guess those are both gone at least PT is out here. So I’ve been just anting around and doing airport runs. I guess my question is that the only way to drive out here? Meaning do you just have to grind it out at base rates and hope for a couple random ride bonuses. I tried talking to a couple Lyft drivers at the airport but they were new or just Lyft drones who followed every Lyft command. I’m stuck driving for the next two months and was just want to make the most I can. The Nashville page here seems pretty dead compared to the LA one but if anyone has any advice or tips I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve been working full time hours driving but barely clearing $600 a week after gas, is this good?