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Lyft New Safety Feature: Knowing when their customer Needs Help

Cold Fusion

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A week after a lawsuit was filed by 14 women alleging sexual assault by Lyft drivers, the ride-hailing company has announced smart trip check-in.

The new safety feature will predict when a customer needs help by sensing when a ride has "unexplained delays," Lyft said Tuesday, and will push a notification message to riders and drivers asking if they need support. It will also come with an option for customers to request emergency assistance.



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So this stupid popup comes up and the pax uses it as a way to complain a ride is taking too long or that the driver is taking a bad route so they can try to get a refund.

Good job, Lyft.

Cold Fusion

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Uber already has this. The notification always pops up when some fool wants to stop at a convenience store without adding it on the app and takes their time.
LOL, the good news: Lyft nor Uber are concerned about Drivers being inconvenienced .

Reminder: they also don’t care whether u live or die 💀 in a drum Of hydrochloric acid

Bill Nadler, deactivated driver