Lyft MIA new procedures

Ben To

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If you go on the Rider/Passenger App at MIA, you can see for yourself, the dots (Doors) allowed to be picked up at.


The original change, was to pick up after Door 5, and Lyft had all Pick-Ups for Door 7... but alas, people are lazy and don't want to walk or lug their bags around so they conceded to open up the dots for doors 1-6.

In general, we'll wait and see what MIA wants.


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Thanks, so for now we can pick up almost anywhere in Arrivals. Normally I avoid airport pickups but once in a while I get a request right after I drop someone off
What are the correct procedures for picking up and dropping off at MIA? I'd like to start working there since it's "legal" now, but I'd like to know if there is a designated area and do we have to display trade dress